Montgomery County General Plan Update

"Thrive Montgomery 2050"

AvatarElizabeth Rogers, Attorney

The Montgomery County Planning Department is in the process of updating the County’s General Plan – titled “Thrive Montgomery 2050.”  The General Plan serves as a foundation for all planning, land use policies, and development in the County.  The General Plan was initially drafted in 1964 (with updates in 1969 and 1993).  Given the substantial evolution in the County’s demographics, employment base, and development characteristics in the last 50 years, an update is certainly in order.   While the Plan seeks … Continue Reading


Vincent BiaseVincent Biase, Attorney

The Prince George’s District Council and Planning Board Joint Public Hearing on the proposed Countywide Map Amendment (CMA) has been postponed indefinitely. On November 9, 2020, County Council Chair Todd M. Turner issued a statement announcing that the Joint Public Hearing scheduled for November 19, 2020 has been postponed.

Chair Tuner cited the following as reasons for the Council’s postponement of the CMA in his public statement:

  1. Recent metrics indicating a resurgence in COVID-19 cases;
  2. Alignment with the advice of
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More Key Decisions Coming Up for Montgomery County Council on Subdivision Staging Policy

Land Use GroupLand Use Group

Over the past several weeks, the Montgomery County Council has been holding work sessions on the 2020-2024 Subdivision Staging Policy (SSP).

The next work session will occur on Thursday, November 5. At its work sessions to date, the Council has taken straw votes on various key policies for schools, transportation, and impact taxes. Through these straw votes, the Council largely has accepted – with some crucial refinements – the Montgomery County Planning Board’s recommended framework for the SSP set forth … Continue Reading